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Dr. Po N. Lam, a nationally recognized urologist and robotic surgeon with Associated Medical Professionals of NY (A.M.P.), is working to provide residents of Syracuse and the surrounding Central New York region access to the next generation of robotic surgery.

The introduction of robotically assisted surgery revolutionized the ability of physicians to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures, replacing the use of open surgery that requires a large incision with multiple small access points. Long-handled tools and a camera controlled remotely by the physician are inserted through these access points to perform the medical procedure.

Dr. Lam is the only surgeon in the area who has been specially trained in the technique to use the innovative da Vinci SP (Single Port) system for prostatectomy and other urological procedures. The new SP system only requires one small incision compared to previous robotic surgeries that require 4 to 7 incisions. The system includes multi-jointed, flexible instruments and fully wristed 3D camera. The instruments and the camera emerge through a single access hole and provide 360 degrees of anatomical access.

“Through my work with the new da Vinci SP, I’ve seen numerous benefits with this leading-edge technology that is now available to patients close to home in Central New York. This technology gives the surgeon much more freedom of movement and ability to see the anatomy compared to the old system,” said Po N. Lam, M.D., of Associated Medical Professionals of NY.

“One of the major advantages of the single port surgical technique is reducing the amount of pain during and after robotic surgery. This helps reduce the need for narcotics, which in turn greatly reduces the abuse and potential addiction to narcotics,” Dr. Lam explains.

“Patients are also able to leave the hospital sooner and recover faster in the comfort of their homes,” Dr. Lam continued. “With the strain on staffing at all levels, this is helpful to the patient as well as the hospital. Single port with less incisions offers many benefits to the patient, and I’m pleased to bring those advantages to the Central New York region.”

Other potential benefits of robotic surgery for patients include lower risk of infection or complications, less blood loss, less scarring and faster return to normal activities.

Dr. Lam has performed thousands of robotic procedures in Central New York in the past 16 years. He is certified in da Vinci robotic surgery and serves as a proctor for Intuitive Surgical, Inc. Dr. Lam specializes in advanced robotic surgery in the areas of prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and difficult kidney stones. Dr. Lam is one of the top performing robotic surgeons in the Central New York region.

A podcast of Dr. Lam discussing the robotic surgery he performed at Crouse Health is available here.

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